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This is Mary .... and Hoke and Daisy ...

As a child growing up in a family of six, it was my dream to one day surround myself with all the animals that so captured my heart. That dream was put aside as I went to college, married and spent 15+ years painting murals all over Atlanta and the southeast. It wasn't until 2000 that 'real' horses entered my life with my quarter horse, Indy, and as my husband liked to say -- "changed our lives forever".

In 2005 we pulled up stakes and headed for the country where our menagerie quickly multiplied. It was at this time that I began to dedicate my time to painting the animals that I share my life with and so inspire me every day. When people look at my paintings it is my hope that they will see the personality and mood of the characters I am portraying ... and I assure you they are all CHARACTERS!!

Enjoy! Mary